Do You Know the Truth About Leprechauns?


   A leprechaun (original Irish name is leipreachán) is a type of character in Irish mythology. Leprechauns came from a mythical land under the sea and when they arrived in Ireland decided to make their home here. The first mention of a leprechaun is the 8th century. They are usually with old style clothes, clad in a red or green coat, with a beard and hat. The Leprechauns is a shoemaker, and store away all their coins in a hidden pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. He is very rich but extremely tricky and if you catch one don’t take your eyes off him, or he will disappear. He is a very slippery customer. If ever captured by a human, the Leprechaun has the magical power to grant three wishes in exchange for their release. He is a very slick talker and loves a bit of fun. He is about 2’6″ (75cm) tall.

Marionette Leprechaun
He lives in a secluded spot, usually a small hole in the ground, where he has a comfortable little home.
The best time to see a leprechaun is early morning or at dusk. Small and wizened but not always old, he usually appears alone, sometimes sitting on a toad-stool smoking his pipe and hammering a shoe. You can hear this hammering for some distance in the woodland. Despite having short, thin legs, he is very agile, and moves very quickly through fields and woods; he climbs trees very well, and is a great swimmer. A slick speaker, and a great musician, you might see him resting or playing music on a toad-stool, rock, or on the branch of a tree. The earliest known reference to the leprechaun is from the Echtra Fergus mac Léti (in English is Adventure of Fergus son of Léti). The text contains an episode in which Fergus mac Léti, King of Ulster, falls asleep on the beach and wakes to find himself being dragged into the sea by three lúchorpáin. In a poem entitled The Lepracaun; or, Fairy Shoemaker, 18th century Irish poet William Allingham. Leprechauns have been used to refer to the aspects of the tourist industry in Ireland. He has a own museum „National Leprechaun Museum“ in Dublin.

May be you know musical Finian’s Rainbow with a book by E.Y. Harburg and Fred Saidy, lyrics by Harburg, and music by Burton Lane. The 1947 Broadway production ran for 725 performances. A Broadway revival ran from October 8, 2009 until January 17, 2010. Finian’s Rainbow is a 1968 American musical film directed by Francis Ford Coppola. Leprechauns inspired also artistic marionette scene, where served as model for world – known hand done marionettes from Czech republic. This famous marionette tradition continues up to these days, that´s why you can buy marionette Leprechaun creature in Irish mythology.

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